Exercise in pregnancy

Alysia Montano is a US Track & Field athlete who has run throughout her pregnancies, maintaining her physical and mental health under the guidance of her Doctors.

Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman, but for the vast majority of Mum’s to be, its a time to focus on maintaining or improving health and well-being in preparation for not only delivery, but for life.

The medical evidence supports the continuation of exercise in Pregnancy for most women and recommends inactive women can commence an exercise program under medical guidance.

Exercise in pregnancy has been shown to:

  • improve insulin sensitivity & reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • optimise maternal weight gain throughout pregnancy
  • reduce pre-eclampsia
  • reduce rates of post partum depression

There are a small number of contra-indications to exercise in pregnancy.

Every woman should seek a prescription for exercise, which is tailored to her past exercise history, her current health and the state of her pregnancy.

A Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician is ideally placed to work with a Mother-to-be, her GP and her Obstetrician to provide guidance around continuing or commencing a healthy physical activity plan for life.