Kellie Wilkie & I are proud to introduce GRowingBODIES, an opportunity to continue our commitment to rowing injury and illness prevention through education.

With a combined total of sixteen years working in the sport of rowing and three Olympic Games, we have developed an intimate understanding of the common rowing injuries and worked tirelessly on how to prevent them or minimise their impact on performance.

GRowingBODIES is our platform for sharing this knowledge with sports medicine practitioners, school and club coaches, athletes, parents and the wider rowing community.

In Adelaide in September 2018 we will run our second Rowing Injury Masterclasses for Physiotherapists and Doctors who work with rowers to ensure that the rowing community is receiving worlds best injury & illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment and return to rowing plans through the Rowing Australia Preferred Provider Network.

We are excited to also offer a concurrent GRowingBODIES Rowing Coach professional development day with a program covering common rowing injuries, screening for movement and flexibility and development of programs for the prevention of injuries on and off the water.

Further information is available on the GRowingBODIES website

Enquires from sports medicine providers and club & school coaches about GRowingBODIES education events are welcome via the contact form below