Dr Lari Trease is delighted to announce she is consulting in Sport & Exercise Medicine at Orthopaedics ACT in Canberra and Jindabyne Medical Practice.

Lari is a Sport & Exercise Physician and has worked in this specialist field for more than 10 years.  Lari was the Chief Medical Officer to Rowing Australia for the Rio Olympic Games and has worked as an Australian Team Doctor across a range of other sport settings including the Sochi Winter Olympics, Beijing Paralympics and the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games.

In addition to her elite sporting team experience, Lari has:

  • expertise in anti-doping matters in sport, as a member of the Australian Sports Drug and Medical Advisory Committee.
  • a passion for teaching the next generation of Doctors as a Clinical Skills Tutor at the Australian National University School of Medicine,
  • recently completed a Certificate in Emergency Medicine from the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (2018)
  • continued to undertake research and teaching in the area of rowing injury and illness prevention and management with her educational venture: GRowingBODIES

To Lari, supporting the resolution or management of any patient’s injury or illness is as important as assisting an elite athlete to be ready for an Olympic final or personal best performance.   The experience and expertise that Lari has developed in keeping our best rowers, runners, skiers, boarders, swimmers and basketball players on their feet, on the field or in the team is just as relevant when applied to assisting Canberrans with returning to work after injury or in working with the older and younger patients with injuries sustained through an active life.

Working with active and non active members of the community to assist them to access the benefits of physical activity for the reduction of common medical problems such as heart disease, cancer and mental health issues is one of Lari’s passions and she actively shares the most recent research on her twitter page [@DrLarissaTrease] for the benefit of both Doctors and patients.

A strong believer in practicing what she preaches, Lari works part time, enabling her to pursue her passions of ski touring, mountain biking, trail running and yoga with her husband in the mountains of the world.

Lari is looking forward to working with the Canberra and Snowy Mountains communities to ensure every patient can stay active, skiing, riding, hiking, gardening and working to ensure good health.